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The Clinical Clerkship Communication Forum

The Clinical Clerkship Communication Forum (FKDM) RSUDZA-FK USK is a forum for socialization, information media, and discussion forums for Clinical Clerkship colleagues who carry out professional medical education at RSUDZA Banda Aceh. The establishment of FKDM is intended as a bridge between the dean of FK USK and all clinical clerkship in conveying aspirations, constructive criticism, and problems faced during professional medical education at RSUDZA Banda Aceh. For the daily management of FKDM, they are appointed from USK FK medical students who have obtained medical degrees.

FKDM RSUDZA-FK USK has five divisions that work together to realize a shared vision. The five divisions are education, advocacy, social and community, information and communication, and sports and arts. The FKDM activity plans for clinical clerkship include:
1. Provision of precipitants for clinical clerkship
2. Documenting file notes, study materials, practice questions, and other educational support
3. Become a forum to accommodate and convey aspirations for all clinical clerkships
4. Become a medium of information and a bridge for socialization for clinical clerkship
5. Creating a forum to channel the interests and talents of clinical clerkship in the fields of sports and the arts

The following are the management of the FKDM RSUDZA-FK USK in 2022/2023:

Chairman : Rangga Juliar Adista, S.Ked
Vice Chairman : Kholis Rizqullah, S.Ked
Secretary : Thesa Yurika, S.Ked
Treasurer : Ayu Humaira, S.Ked

Education Division
Head of Division : Naufal Gusti, S.Ked
Deputy Head of Division : Maya Safira, S.Ked

Advocacy Division
Head of Division : Muhammad Dezha Detiro, S.Ked
Deputy Head of Division : Muhammad Ghifari Karsa, S.Ked

Social and Community Division
Head of Division : Fonna Indriyani, S.Ked
Deputy Head of Division : Hani Balqies, S.Ked

Infocom Division
Head of Division : Fuad Hadyan Rakhmadi, S.Ked
Deputy Head of Division : M. Ridho Akbar Eljatin, S.Ked

Sports and Arts Division
Head of Division : Rais Maulana Khairil, S.Ked
Deputy Head of Division : Putri Uhwatul Atika, S.Ked

Activities Documentation

Young Doctors Orientation

Iftar with Orphans

FKDM Educates the Importance of Breastfeeding to the Community

Mass Circumcision Activities at Baitussalam Health Center in 2022

Saweu Gampong Activities with a Series of Events including Healthy Heart Gymnastics, Free Checkups, and Home Visits