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FK-USK Da'wah Institute

The Faculty Da'wah Institute (LDF) Asy-Syifaa' is a student organization engaged in religion, the medical profession and Islamic health which was founded in Darussalam on 1 Muharram 1414 H. which coincided on 20 June 1993.

The Asy-Syifaa' Faculty Da'wah Institute (LDF) in its organizational journey always sows the seeds of goodness. Which is expected to grow trees of truth and flowers of virtue that will decorate the Unsyiah Medical Faculty in the future so that the character of the Faculty of Medicine students is intellectual, religious and dignified.

The Faculty Da'wah Institute (Asy-Syifaa') as an UKM has produced many cadres who excel in various fields, be it scientific work, fiction, art. Asy-Syifaa's highest commitment is to continue to contribute to the best charities in order to take part in building the character and dignity of this nation to the highest place.

LDF Asy-Syifaa' members consist of:
1. Advisory Council
2. Daily Governing Board
3. Presidium
4. Member

LDF Asy-Syifaa' is in charge of:
1. Deliver Islamic da'wah to all USK Medical Faculty students and the entire community.
2. Establish ukhuwah with fellow institutions engaged in da'wah from various faculties
3. Become an organization that can actively contribute to providing religious understanding to USK Faculty of Medicine students and the entire community.
4. Become a means of self-development, self-confidence, and cooperation for its members.
5. Encouraging its members to actively participate in preaching and also actively participate in competitions or various matters related to religion.
6. Provide discussions about health and Islam to USK Faculty of Medicine students and the public.
7. Forming USK Medical Faculty students to become intellectual, religious, and dignified individuals.

In carrying out their duties. LDF Asy-Syifaa' formed several divisions, including:
1. Apparatus Empowerment Division
2. Public Relations Division
3. Press Division
4. Princess Division
5. Broadcasting Division
6. BKKM Division
7. Danus Division

There are currently 93 active members of LDF Asy-Syifaa'.

Organizational Structure

Activities Documentation

Documentation of the Provision of Materials by LDF Asy-Syfaa' Trustees at the LDF Asy-Syfaa' New Member Recruitment Event

Documentation of New LDF Asy-Syifaa' Members Practicing Archery at the LDF Asy-Syfaa' New Member Recruitment Event

Documentation of the Asy-Syfaa' Work Program shared in the month of Ramadan from the Public Relations Division