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CBT Center Unit

The achievement of the vision and mission of the Faculty of Medicine is the effort of the entire academic community of the Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University. Efforts to achieve that require commitment and cooperation from all units/sections within the Faculty of Medicine. Unit Computer Based Test (CBT) Center as an IT-based supporting facility and to ensure the ability of students through computer-based exams.

Exams are a limited way of measuring one's abilities. The implementation of the exam is intended to measure the knowledge of a person or student. The exam is also used as an evaluation tool to assess how far the knowledge has been mastered and the skills have been acquired.

In general, the duties of the USK FK CBT Center Unit are as follows:

1. Facilitate the computer-based/online examination process for students in the field of basic and advanced (specialist) medicine.
2. Facilitating lecturers and students in the practical process related to the use of IT.
3. Support the implementation of superior medical education based on Indonesian Doctor Competency Standards (SKDI).
4. Support the development of medical education and maintain the quality of institution graduates.
5. Develop and establish cooperation with parties outside the institution related to the process of administering computer-based exams.
6. Identifying problems in completing the exam process, both faced by students and lecturers