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Asian Medical Students Association Syiah Kuala University (AMSA-USK) held a National Exchange with the theme GLIDE (Get to Know Disaster Relief Medicine)

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The Asian Medical Students Association of Syiah Kuala University (AMSA-USK) held a National Exchange activity on Saturday, March 5, 2022. This activity is a national student exchange program specifically for members of AMSA-Shia Kuala University, AMSA-Tarumanagara University, and AMSA-Tadulako University as a collaborative university. AMSA-USK hosted the first series of the CREATE (Consolidating Diversity Through Collaboration) event in 2022 with the GLIDE theme "Get to Know Disaster Relief Medicine".

GLIDE is held with three main focuses, namely Academic Session, Sociocultural Session, and Community Service Session to realize the AMSA philosophy. This activity has more than 15 series of events and involves 60 delegates who are AMSA members from the three universities who collaborate with each other.

"Through this activity, AMSA-USK intends to increase the knowledge of the delegates as future doctor candidates regarding Disaster Medicine and invite delegates to contribute in increasing public knowledge regarding Disaster Management," said Nailah Azka as the chief executive of GLIDE.

The GLIDE series was opened with an Academic Session: Grand Lecture with the theme “Disaster Management: Medical Professional Perspective”. The material for this Grand Lecture was delivered by Dr. dr. Safrizal Rahman, M.Kes, Sp.OT, and continued with Focus Group Discussion. This activity was closed with games related to Disaster Relief Medicine.

"Along with Tarumanegara University and Tadulako University, hopefully this activity can be a bridge for collaboration and networking, because this is very necessary for our development in the future," said dr. Subhan Rio Pamungkas, Sp.KJ (K) as Deputy Dean III of the Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University, in the opening ceremony of GLIDE.

In addition, other series of events are the Disaster-related Campaign conducted by all delegates prior to the event, 1001 Acehnese Cuisine in order to introduce Acehnese cuisine, Meuhim Acehnese language which aims as a medium for learning the Acehnese language for delegates, and Friendship Hour which aims to strengthen relations between delegates.

"By holding this National Exchange, we hope that the participating delegates can enjoy the series of events that are presented, and can get to know each other and be close to new friends between delegates from AMSAUniversitas even though the implementation is done virtually," said Medika Bintang, AMSA-USK Representative. .

Not only meetings, this trilateral cooperation activity aims to provide opportunities for participating AMSA members to be able to interact with each other, enrich knowledge, especially related to the grand theme, namely disaster management, and gain new experiences.